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Initiatives and ideas

(in brackets the year the project has been realized or has started)


Exhibitions - Produced as author (2018 - )

Immaginario Diplomatico - Collection of Photos of Italian Diplomats until 1961 (2015 - )

Calendars and Visuals - Collection of Diplocalendars (2014 - )

Blog su libri novità pubblicati da diplomatici-scrittori italiani (2011-)

Blog Diplolearn (già Diplo Learning Corner) - Traning tools on soft skills for diplomats (2012 - )



Poster on the occasion of 700 years from the death of Dante Alighieri (1321 – 2021)

Interviews as Ambassador of Italy to Bulgaria - (2016-2020)

Cultural Events in the Residence - Selected initiatives organized in the Residence of the Italian Ambassador in Sofia (2017 - 2020)

Photos in Sofia - Selected photos of Official events in Sofia (2016 - 2020)

La penna del diplomatico al XI Festival della diplomazia 2020 - Interviste a diplomatici scrittori (22-30 ottobre 2020)

Diplomazia e Dintorni - Webradio programme on (2013 - 2016)

Blog caffè letterario - Books presentations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2011 - 2012)

Blog E-DIPLOMACY- New diplomatic tools (2011)

Netvibes for Diplomats - Useful updated information sources (2010 - 2016)

E-DIPLOMACY New methods and modes of conducting diplomacy (2010)

Diplomatic Training: Useful Free Online Resources (2010)

EU Relex Counsellors Database (2007 - 2010)

50 years of Italy to the UN (2003-2005)

50th Anniversary of the admission of Italy to the United Nations (Dec. 2005)

Libri in italiano sulle Nazioni Unite (2005)

Blog on diplomacy (diplomat-writers)

Illustrated Calendar on IT and diplomacy (2004) (illustrations can be downloaded)

Information Society Library (2003)

Diplo Screen saver (to download, ZIP file, 2MB) (1999)

Glossario Disarmo - Disarmament Glossary (English-Italian) (1998)

Ministries of Foreign Affairs online (1997)

New Information Technologies for International Relations (in Italian)


Old Presentations

WiFi – Hotspots: Internet wireless connection for delegates at the United Nations – How it works and what to do with it (17 February 2005)

Internet Services for Delegates at the United Nations - New York (2003)

Security online: some practical remarks (2002

Useful databases for diplomats (2002

Internet and the use of statistical data for International Affairs (Malta 6.2.2001) 

Internet for diplomatic activities (Malta 6.2.2001)

Political protest using Internet tools (Malta 6.2.2001) 

The use of Internet in International Organizations (2000)

Tips and Tricks on the use of Internet for diplomats (1999)

New Communication Techniques for diplomats: the use of Internet (1998)

Useful mailing lists for diplomats (1998)


In Italian only

Analisi dell’impatto del Programma Esperti associati e Giovani Funzionari sulla presenza dei funzionari  italiani nel Segretariato delle Nazioni Unite (Rome, 3 December 2004)

L'attivita' regionale delle Nazioni Unite (1999)

Comunita' italiane nel mondo - Studi sugli italiani nel mondo (1999)









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