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50 years of Italy at the United Nations
(1955 - 2005)





I have conceived, planned and implemented this research while serving as First Counsellor at the Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations. Nevertheless it would have not been realized without the active collaboration of many people.

Special thanks goes to  some young researchers that have patiently helped me not only in retrieving documents and photos, but also doing all the long and sometimes complex editing: Katia Mitrovich, Joel Melchiori, Marco Davi', Mauro Gilli.

In particular, Andrea Sandre has provided his skills in editing the graphical aspects of the site. Special thanks also goes to the many people of the United Nations Secretariat that have enthusiastically provided their help and suggestions to collect the material. 

In particular I would like to thank Lily Chau, Chief of Multimedia Resource Unit of the DPI (Department of Public Information) for all her active help and precious suggestions to implement the project and Veena Mauchanda, of the Photo Library for her invaluable help in finding the right photos.

Stefano Baldi, July 2006




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