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La penna del diplomatico

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  Author Bartoloni Donatella
  Title Un mondo oltre i confini ovvero vita da diplomatici
  Year 2003
  Publisher Name Edizioni
  Place Genova
  Pages 131




  Why a book on the diplomats? Because the diplomats think both useful (if not necessary) that people know what they are really doing. Not a life of cocktail, dances, suppers and champagne, or, at least not only this. It's true that certain Country foresee a prevalence of high-level relationships,but there are also uncomfortable centers,dangers, sometimes attacks, difficulty of moves and, around, so much poverty to feel impelling the duty to help in any way.
Two Italian ambassadors are dead in Beirut; one is remembered here through the writings on his dangerous mission and through the writings on his dangerouse mission and through the words of his son, himself career diplomat.
the reader will be able to discover whole families lowered in career diplomat although in a different wayhe will be introduced in the past and in the present of diplomacy and follow the comparison between two generations of diplomats and to gather the role of the women, either those in carrier or Ambassadars wievs. All this through interviews.
Why could you ask? Because the autor has intended to give you not a tedious list of charges or cold news but to give voice to interviews themselves whit their anecdotes, their personality, their experiences and their memories. A "privileged" profession that of a diplomat? Enviable? Perhaps, but certainly unique in his characteristics and we will discover that to carry on this profession it takes years and years of studi, hard jobs and sometimes renouncemets besides a strong availability to put himself to the service of neighbour and of his own country.
Finally we will take a look in the life of Ambassadors that are retired from active job, but all the same, they don't rest in a confortable armchair in front of a fireplace with brandy and pipe, but they teach they write and they organize culturaol meetings worty of the maxium consideration.
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