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A Cyberdiplomat at work

How are International Relations being affected by the Information Society revolution? Are Information Technologies and Social Media changing the way diplomats work? How have Ministries of Foreign Affairs adapted to exploit new technologies and tools?

This website contains reference to most of the activities and projects in which I am currently involved as well as I implemented in the past. It also keeps track of works in progress.

This web page is also a way to share my research with colleagues and other people interested in diplomacy and international affairs.



Simple Solutions (Diplo Calendar 2017)
by S. Baldi

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Aspetti giuridici e politici della prassi diplomatica nel mondo contemporaneo Vol. III

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Copertina Diplomatici in azione

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The European Union is 60 years old. Is it too young or too old?

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Everyday life
 of a cyberdiplomat
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Informazioni sulle Carriere internazionali (in Italian)

50 years of Italy to the UN (photos and statements project)

in azione
(Vol. 1 e 2)

Through the Diplomatic Looking Glass

Carriere Internazionali
(2 edizione)
Un ricordo di Roberto Gaja

Aspetti giuridici e politici della prassi diplomatica nel mondo contemporaneo Vol. I e II
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Through the Diplomatic Looking Glass

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Le opportunita' di lavoro offerte dalle organizzazioni internazionali

Un ricordo di Roberto Gaja

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