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Traveling through Italy on musical notes

by Stefano Baldi

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Year after year this calendar has become a way to share people quotes, interests, places that are dear to me. This year I wanted to reveal some lesser known places in my home country, Italy. Italy is popular all over the world and those who were born there or have had the chance to visit it can understand why. The calendar has become a tradition, appreciated by those who have received it in the past. This is great motivation for me to try to find new interesting quotations (and images) that will accompany you throughout the year. The quotations that I chose this time all refer to music. Music is, after my wife, the best company of my life! 

For many years, I have created this calendar with my friend Eduardo Gelbstein. He left us on July 19, 2015. I will forever thank him for the great long lasting inspiration he gave me during our long and fruitful friendship. Forever thank you, Ed! 


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