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Stefano Baldi 1999

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Katherine L. Hughes  - The Accidental Diplomat : Dilemmas of the Trailing Spouse, 1998

From the time Thomas Jefferson declared that America should send ambassadors around the globe, the life of Foreign Service officers has been seen as one of status and glamour. For many veteran officers and spouses, this remains true. But to a whole new generation of spouses life in the Foreign Service can represent an almost total loss of the economic freedom and self- determination they had learned to take for granted. These spouses find themselves swept into an institutionalized role as unpaid adjuncts to their husbands. The phenomenon is not limited to the Foreign Service, as more and more corporate spouses find themselves facing similar dilemmas. As increasing numbers of Americans are sent overseas by their employers, the term "trailing spouse" is becoming more common than ever. The dilemmas are particularly acute for dual-career couples, whether in the Foreign Service, the military, or business.

mussolini.gif (11215 bytes) Richard Lamb - Mussolini As Diplomat : Il Duce's Italy on the World Stage, 1999
A historian reveals how Italy was pushed into Hitler's arms by Anthony Eden's serious blunder. Was Mussolini's alliance with Hitler really foreordained? Could Italy have been kept out of World War II? Did the policy of England's Anthony Eden really push Mussolini into Hitler's arms instead of luring him back to his former policy of friendship with Great Britain? These are some of the intriguing questions that Richard Lamb asks in the course of examining Mussolini's foreign policy toward Germany on the one hand and Britain and France on the other. Surprisingly, Mussolini began with a deep distrust of Hitler and feelings of friendship toward England as well as France, countries he felt might stand up to Hitler's aggressive intent. He also despised Hitler's anti-Semitism. But some disastrous miscalculations, especially by Anthony Eden, who later headed Britain's Foreign Office, set the course for the eventual conflagration. These are the shocking conclusions that Lamb-in a revisionist assessment of Mussolini's diplomatic blunders in his relations with the other powers in Europe-reached after studying documents that have been inaccessible for more than half a century. Here is an indispensable new look by a leading historian at a crucial phase of World War II.

career.gif (6377 bytes)Maria Pinto Carland (Editor), Michael Trucano (Editor), - Careers in International Affairs, 1999.




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Eric Kocher, Nina Segal  - International Jobs : Where They Are, How to Get Them, 1999

Newly updated and extensively revised, this new edition of the popular reference provides all the information job-seekers need to navigate the rapidly changing, increasingly complex 21st-century international job market.


career.gif (6377 bytes)Durrel Huff, - How to lie with statistics, 1993.

Huff shows a good selection of the methods by which numbers can be made to say something different than the actual data would support. He looks at presentation, correlations, collection of data, sample size, sample bias, and other critical factors which can enter into the validity of statistics and of the conclusions we try to draw from them. All of the material is written in a clear, interesting manner which will be easy for the layperson to comprehend and apply.


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