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Books published by Italian Diplomats since 1946

Stefano Baldi and Pasquale Baldocci
2007, DiploFoundation and Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Paperback, 176 pages
ISBN 99932-53-18-1
Price: 20 Euros

This book, published in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is the first of a new collection in DiploFoundation publications entitled, “Diplomats as writers.” The book is based on the Italian version titled La Penna del diplomatico.

Diplomats are born with a pen in hand. They write countless reports, analyses, and memoranda during their 35 to 40 years of service. Writing becomes a daily activity. This continuous engagement with writing sometimes sparks a desire to compose something more permanent and deep than the usual fleeting report likely read only by a close circle of colleagues. The books that diplomats publish are scarcely-known sides of diplomats.

This study by Baldi and Baldocci presents and analyses books published by Italian diplomats. The more than seven-hundred and fifty titles listed give a broad and varied picture of diplomats and the diplomatic world. This volume evokes not only the talent for describing situations and characters, but also the broad, diverse interests that distinguish the members of this profession. As well, this study takes a broader view of relations between diplomacy and literature, examining the primary moments and protagonists of this relationship.


Preface by Jovan Kurbalija

  1. The Object of this Study
  2. Why Diplomats Write Books
  3. Memoirs
  4. Books on International Affairs
  5. History
  6. Books on Italian Emigration and Italians Abroad
  7. Books on Economics and International Cooperation
  8. Novels and Short Stories
  9. Poetry and Theatre
  10. Other Books
  11. Diplomacy and Literature
  12. List of Books Published by Italian Diplomats on Duty After 1946 (by genre)
  13. List of Authors
  14. The Research in Numbers
  15. Photographic Books on Italian Diplomatic Missions
  16. Using the Internet for Bibliographic Research

Postface by Andrea Bardi













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