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50 years of Italy at the United Nations
(1955 - 2005)

Antonio Segni (1959)


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1. Mr. SEGNI is seen here (center) during a visit to the General Assenbly Hall. Standing on either side of him on the Assembly rostrum are Mr. Giuseppe PELLA (left), the Italian Foreign Minister; and Mr. HAMMARSKJOLD (4 October 1959).


2. Mr. SEGNI is seen here (2nd from left) at his country's desk in the General Assembly Hall. Accompanying him on his visit to the Assembly Hall are: Mr. Giuseppe PELLA (left), the Italian Foreign Minister; UN Secretary-General Dag HAMMARSKJOLD (right, front); and Mr. Egidio ORTONA (behind Mr. Hammarskjold), Permanent Representative of Italy to the United Nat ions (4 October 1959).


3. HAMMARSKJOLD is seen here (right) saying goodbye to Mr. SEGNI upon his departure. At extrene left is Mr. Giuseppe PELLA, the Italian Foreign Minister. Italy's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Mr. Egidio ORTONA, is seen in the center, background (4 October 1959).


Credits: UN Photo (119111-119112-119113)


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