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50 years of Italy at the United Nations
(1955 - 2005)

Egidio Ortona (1959)


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1. The UN Security Council tonight appointed a four-member group to examine the statements made before the Security Council concerning Laos, to receive further information and to conduct such inquiries as it may determine necessary. Here is a general view of the meeting in session in the Security Council, presided by Mr. Egidio Ortona, of Italy (7 September 1959).


2. Mr. Egidio Ortona, seen in this photograph, is the President of the Security Council for September. Mr. Ortona is Italy's Permanent Representative to the United Nations (7 September 1959).


3. From the left are: Dr. Koto Matsudaira, of Japan; Mr. Mongi Slim, of Tunisia; Mr. Egidio Ortona, of Italy, President of the Security Council; and Dr. Mario Amadeo, of Argentina (7 September 1959).


4. Members of the Security Council are seen here voting on the resolution to appoint the four-member subcommittee (7 September 1959).


Credits: UN Photo


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