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50 years of Italy at the United Nations
(1955 - 2005)

Giovanni Gronchi (1956)


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1. Here is a picture of Mr. HAMMARSKJOID (left) welcoming President GRONCHI upon his arrival. Seen between them is Mr. Jehan de NOUE, U.N. Chief of Protocol (13 March 1956).


2. This picture, taken in the Trusteeship Council chamber, shows Mr. GRONCHI behind Italy's seat, trying on the earphone used by the delegates to listen to the simultaneous interpretation of the speeches. Mr. HAMMARSKJOLD stands at right. At left, Mr. Jehan de NOUE, U.N. Chief of Protocol, turns the earphone's switch (13 March 1956).


3. This group photograph, taken before the dinner, shows Mr. HAMMARSKJOLD
(right) with (1. to r.): Mr. Gaetano MARTINO, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Italy; President GRONCHI; Madame GRONCHI; and Madame MARTINO (13 March 1956).


Credits: UN Photo (119107-119108-119109)


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