Tips and tricks on the use of Internet for diplomats in Geneva by Stefano Baldi

Note: You can also listen to this lecture (in Realaudio)
(Recorded in Geneva, ITU training room 4 Feb. 1999, 2 parts, 45 mins. each)

Geneva is well known for being one of the most important centers in the world for International Affairs.

The numbers of International Organizations present in Geneva makes it difficult to be always informed on what is going on and the flow of information particularly intese.

New information technologies constitute a potential big help for diplomats working in Geneva, provided that they make the right use of them and they know whta to look for and where.

This lecture should help in this difficult task.

Cognitive Map

  1. New working methods
  2. Developing New skills
  3. Travelling for work
  4. Providing Information
  5. International Organizations
  6. Future Developments
  7. General Questions about the use of Internet

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