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Useful mailing lists (Listservers) for diplomats

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blueball.gif (326 byte) Here are some interesting mailing lists in order to be able to receive news and interesting information to ones own e-mail address. For subscribing (free) to the mailing lists follow the indications in brackets provided in the pages of each service.

blueball.gif (326 byte) The following bodies have a "What's New" e-mail notification system for new items posted on their website.

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What is a listserv

A Listserv can be a public or private electronic mailing list. People "subscribe" to , or "unsubscribe" from, a listserv by asking that their E-Mail addresses be added or deleted from the mailing list. Restrictions can be applyed by the owner of the list concerning the rights to send or receive messages Listserv is an easy and cheap way of sending one notice to many different people on many different computer systems.

Listservs are one of the more popular ways to quickly disseminate information, share opinions, and get advice through the Internet. When you subscribe to a listserv you will get a copy of every message sent to the list in your electronic mailbox. You will also have the ability to send your messages to all other subscribers by sending them to one, central address for quick, electronic distribution to everyone on the list.

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