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La penna del diplomatico


The Book

            The diplomat is born with a pen in his hand. Reports, letters, analyses and memos line the path of his entire professional life. A little known side of diplomats, however, is the books that they publish. They are often memoirs or histories, but there is no lack of novels, poetry or other genres of writing.

             The current essay presents and analyzes books that have been published by Italian diplomats from the post-war period to today. The more than five-hundred titles give a more broad and varied picture than you might imagine, bringing out not only their talent for describing situations and characters, but also the broad, diverse interests that distinguish the members of this profession.

             This volume also takes a look at relations between diplomacy and literature, examining the primary moments and protagonists of this binomial.

             This book should prove useful not only to researchers and international policy scholars but also to all those who are interested in knowing more about the world of Italian diplomacy.

 (The book is currently available only in Italian)


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