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  Author TOSCANO, Roberto
  Title Between terrorism and global governance: essays on ethics, violence and international law
  Year 2009
  Publisher Har-Anand Publications
  Place New Delhi
  Pages 112

The first chapters of this book revisit, through essays devoted to thinkers in the field of poolitical philosophy (from Machiavelli to Huntington), the tension between ethics and politics, trying to suggest that ethics is intrinsically tied to politics, and that moral awareness and realism are not in contradiction insofar as we move beyond individual ethics and address the issue of responsibility toward society and especially the rights and interests of others.
The second main focus of this book is terrorism, the vile and despicable form of conflict that targets innocent civilians.
Both for terrorism and for other transnational threats and crises, from the present downturn to global warming, though still primarily responsible, cannot conceivably be adequate to the task. This is why ethics and realist politics point in the same direction: that of the need to recognize duties toward those who are not our fellow citiziens as well as limitation to a sovereignty that, while legitimate, cannot be used against both legal and moral norms (from the preface of the book).

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