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  Author PRATI, Giulia
  Title Italian Foreign Policy, 1947-1951
  Year 2006
  Publisher Bonn University Press bei V&R unipress
  Place Bonn
  Pages 271
  Since the birth of the Italian Republic, Italian foreign policy has been based on two main pillars: the Atlantic alliance and the process of European integration. In particular, throughout the Cold War and beyond, Atlanticism and Europeanism have concurred in producing a two-fold influence on the definition of the Italian national interest. Similarly, Italian foreign policy has been internally influenced by contending supranational and national definitions of its interest. The present study examines and delineates the foreign policy of the Italian Republic between 1947 and 1951 in terms of the changing nature and content of Italy's national interest as defined by Prime Minister Alcide De Gasperi and Minister of Foreign Affairs Carlo Sforza. The focus is placed on their contribution to Italy's role, relevance, and influence on the Atlantic alliance and the process of European integration.(dalla scheda dell'editore).
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